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My name is Nick Ray. I code stories.

cropped-1149009_10100159740735566_1515692359_n.jpgI firmly believe that open technology can provide a path to showing humanity the best of itself. That’s why my projects seek out ways to inform the public, encourage positive behavior, and connect people with the world around them. This passion is also why I pursue opportunities to teach others everything I’ve learned, so they can succeed with their own ideas and ambitions.

In teaching and in life, my philosophy is that it’s helpful to know, but crucial to ask.

I currently serve as an adjunct professor for American University’s Digital Media Skills graduate certificate, specializing in dynamic content and developing for mobile platforms, as well as advising the student capstone projects.

My freelance work covers the gamut of media production: Working with Spark Media of DC, I was the lead developer for the Inter-American Development Bank’s Annual Meeting mobile app, which provided attendees with information about the conference, easy ways to share new knowledge with their social networks, and connect with others via QR code. I am also the founder of Yudos, an online social game that allows players to reward their peers for acts that better the world. In 2009, while traveling through Belgium and France with university students, I produced an on-location video blog to engage a broader audience back home.

My current project, an open-source plugin, enables media makers to create virtual versions of physical spaces enriched by text, video and image. This format gives their audiences an in-depth experience of an environment without being there.

I encourage you to check out some of my web/mobile work, my video projects, curriculum vitae, and connect with me directly.

I’m also a huge advocate of fair use. Check out this video series I produced to help librarians understand their code of best practices. You can find more resources here: http://centerforsocialmedia.org/.